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How to score a fuck date? Find people who want to fuck ASAP.

You've signed up for an online dating site, and started browsing through local girls. Now you've just got to arrange a fuck date and make some new fuck buddies. Wondering where to start? In this guide, we'll give you all you need to know to arrange a fuck date and make sure it goes smoothly.

Pick a fuck site or app

First thing is first, you should really think about which site or app you prefer to meet fuck buddies. Later in the article, we'll give some recommendations, but you should pick a site focused on casual sex. Sites such as Find N Fuck and Fuckbook might be just what you're looking for.

Create your dating app profile

The next step is the basics. This is simple. Create a dating app profile that will attract women who want to fuck. Don't get too elaborate with this, since you never know who might be reading it. You're just writing this for your fuck buddy. Write something casual like:

"I'm a good looking, fun guy looking to meet women and possibly find a long term partner. I play some sports and am currently available for hookups."

Or if you want to get more specific:

"I am a tall, fit, blond man, seeking someone in their late 20s to get together for some casual sex. I am very dominant during sex."

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Upload your profile photos

So now you know what you're here to do, you better start taking some proper pictures for your profile. You don't want to have an uninspiring or awkward looking picture. So, go take some nice photos in front of a beautiful landscape, you're having an outdoor picnic, or go by a river at noon where the sky is clear. Take a selfie with the sun as your back light. Find a place that'll make a beautiful profile picture.

Don't be nervous here. Just be yourself. Also make sure your face is clearly visible. If your photos are too dark, you'll find it difficult to connect. That's because women get turned off when they can't see your face clearly, and women get turned on when they can watch your face when they fuck.

Try to make your pics sexy yet casual. Put up some photos that show off your good looks without you showing too much skin. Also use some creative angles and props. If you are taking photos yourself, set your phone on a table, or against a wall, to make it look like you're in an awkward/intimate position. Also keep the room you take your photos in in a nice location. It goes without saying that all your photos have to be of high quality.

Message a potential fuck buddy

When you've sent your dating app profile and photos over, it's time to start sending messages. Use a simple and straightforward greeting:

Hello, where do you live, what's your age and what about you?

Or if you want a more personal touch:

Hello, I’ve heard you’re looking for a fuck buddy in San Francisco? I’m a tall, fit, blonde guy that would love to hook up with you.

Make sure your profile says that you are looking for a fuck buddy, and that you’re genuinely attractive. Also, don’t overthink it. If your profile is weak, it might not get the response it needs. Just start the conversation by saying what you want. After you send your first message, you might want to take a look at the messages you’ve received.

Arrange a fuck date

The next steps is simple: Start arranging a fuck date, and planning when and where to hook up. If the fuck date is for tonight, or tomorrow, it's pretty simple. Just message your fuck buddy, and say you want to do it tonight. If you want to do it the next day, you'll need to arrange a meet.

Decide where you're going to fuck. If you want someplace private, a nice apartment or a bed and breakfast or motel are a good option. If you want a public place the park or a dark parking lot is the go to place. When you decide, you'll need to decide a rough time, and a place.

The meeting place will always be the deciding factor. Don't overthink it. If you want to use an app, find it and message your fuck buddy so they know where you are and when to meet up.

Don't flake on your fuck buddy

When the time comes to actually do your business, don't ghost your fuck buddy. A bad date could ruin the experience, especially if the woman is looking to fuck for the first time. Your presence is an important part of the experience. Don't be rude about it, either, such as by sending a message saying you don't feel like going out.

Also, if you make a date and then get busy, let your fuckbuddy know. Tell her, either through your profile or through messages. Some fuck buddies enjoy the chase, so they'll be interested in seeing when you'd be free. This could become a turn on.

Don't try to imitate porn videos

Even though you're going to meet a random fuck buddy, you should still do one thing: Keep it real. Don't try to act like a porn star. A lot of people make a common mistake when imitating porn. The common mistake is porn stars use fake cock on cam to look more masculine when they fuck.

For the most part, this is overdoing it. It's a turn off to just about any normal woman. Sure, porn actresses are porn stars and can get away with it, but try not to. If you're doing it to really impress your fuck buddy, make sure you don't actually fake it.

Decide if you want to be fuck buddies

After you've hooked up, you can decide if this was a one night stand, or if you want to continue to be fuck buddies. Also, consider how you want to interact with your fuck buddy. For example, you might want to be friends too, or maybe just sex.

Be honest with your partner

Lastly, you need to make sure you make the most of your fuck date by being honest with your fuck buddy. Whether you want to be her one night stand, or if you want to be in a relationship or a fuck buddy relationship, make sure you're being honest with your partner.

Keep it casual with your fuck buddy

Don't go so overboard with casual sex encounters. Don't start dating your fuck buddy just so you can have casual sex. Casual sex is about enjoying your time with your partner, and making sure they know that you value them, but avoiding a serious relationship. You want casual sex to be casual. Avoid catching feelings or acting like a couple.

Sites to find a free fuck

Now, what if you don't have a fuck site? The best thing about online dating sites is that you can arrange your fuck date without having to actually go to meet people. The final component of a great fuck date is finding a free fuck site. Here are some sites that will get you started.

Find N Fuck (Our Fuck Site)

So, the best place for you to start is going to be our site. Find N Fuck is a casual adult dating site, designed to help users connect with someone looking for the same thing as you. Our app is very popular all over the world, with new members joining every day. Our site is completely casual sex focused, and people here aren't looking for a relationship. If it's pure fucking you want, Find N Fuck is the place to be.

Fuck Book

Our fuck site isn't the only one to help adult users arrange fuck dates. Fuckbook is a mobile web app which allows people to find fuck buddies near them and arrange dates. Fuckbook is used by hundreds of thousands of users each month, and is one of the most popular sites on the web. As such, it's not hard to find someone in your area who wants to fuck.


The popular app Tinder is about location based dating. So, it's really useful to use if you're looking for fuck buddies. Pretty much every single guy and girl you know is already a member on here. Tinder connects users based upon who's within a certain radius. As you get closer to them, the app will tell you who you should swipe right on. So, if you've got a bit of a crush, you can go for one of them.