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Fuckbook Review: We tried this fuck buddy site to see if it's legit.

You've probably heard of Fuckbook if you've looked into adult dating sites at all. Fuckbook is an adult dating app turned social sex network that aims to be the Facebook of casual sex, as the name implies. If you're wondering if this site is legit, then look no further because we've reviewed it in massive detail. Read on for our full Fuckbook review, and find out if this site can really get you laid tonight.

Signing Up For Fuckbook

As with all adult dating sites, it's important to pay attention to how Fuckbook works. When you sign up, you'll be asked to sign up through their website instead of via their mobile app. While there is a free Fuckbook app, it's not yet fully optimized for maximum features. Regardless, we were able to sign up without any problems. All you need is their email, phone number and a username. That's it. Then it's time to move forward to the next step.

Then it's on to the next step of checking your profile! You'll get the option to upload your own profile or you can simply log in and start messaging other members. After you post your profile, you'll be given the option to add a few local members friends. But if you don't want to be friends with someone, don't worry as you can block them.

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Our First Impressions of Fuckbook

We spent about 60 seconds logging in and setting up a profile. After that, it was time to start chatting! If you're the type who enjoys casual sex, Fuckbook should definitely be on your radar You can either message someone directly or wait for them to message you. There are millions of members on Fuckbook, so chances are you'll find local fuck buddies if you put the effort in.

Fuckbook has a pretty straightforward layout. You'll be greeted with the main home screen and a main menu bar. The home screen has a tab for you to type information into a profile, a tab for general messaging/chat, and a tab for your inbox. After you scroll through the messages in your inbox, you'll have an ad at the bottom which offers a way to view more profiles/inbox messages. The home screen will be your portal to all parts of the site once you're signed in.

Fuckbook is easy to use, cheap and fast. We'll get more into the other features in a bit. The main reason for why we suggest you use Fuckbook is because it's fast and efficient. You can make a profile and start chatting with local girls in five minutes or less! If you're looking for something more than sex, then this site will not be for you. That being said, we liked this site's easy-to-use interface. As a side note, you will definitely want to use this site on a mobile device such as phones or tablets, because the site will load better.

Fuckbook's Features

Fuckbook's solitary goal is to get you an easy fuck tonight, and it offers a whole host of features to help make that dream a reality. Here's some of the features of Fuckbook that we've found that make it better than some other sites.

Great Matching Algorithm

In the beginning, you'll see a button right in the middle of the home screen labeled "Find Matches" This button will let you swipe right or left to match with someone in your area. After the initial match, you'll chat with them through text messages to set a date.

The algorithm for this site works very well, because there are many variables involved. Fuckbook matches users based on location, interests, sexual orientations, sex fetishes, and age. They also match based on how many times you've interacted with a certain user. This system is much better than similar sites, because there are fewer fake profiles on Fuckbook.

Search Exactly What You're Looking For

You'll be able to look up profiles based on what you're looking for. The feature is very helpful if you have a specific type of sex partner in mind. We did appreciate it when we were in the mood for something a bit more extreme. The search results do contain profiles that are interested in hook-ups as soon as possible. All you have to do is click the 'hook-ups' option for you to find profiles looking for hook-ups straight away.

Browse User Videos

This is one of the coolest features on Fuckbook. The videos are a great way to get to know the women you're chatting with or making plans with. You'll be able to see how they behave in real life, as well as where.

Users also upload videos of themselves! You can watch them and message them directly from the feed. If you like someone's videos, then you can send them a message with your own videos and photos.

Pros of Fuckbook

When compared to other dating platforms, Fuckbook has a few things that make it stand out.

User Friendly Interface

You'll definitely want to use your mobile device to sign-up. This site is really simple to use. The homepage has a quick summary to check out the available options, and an ad at the bottom for more info. This is a major pro. The navigation is super easy, and we didn't have any problems finding what we were looking for.

Free Version Available

If you don't want to pay for a premium subscription, then you can try this site out to fuck free. There's no credit card required if you enter your email and username on the sign-up screen. The free version will let you set up a basic Facebook profile with basic interests. You'll also get limited free messaging.

Overall, if you're looking to hook-up using Fuckbook, this will likely be effective. If you don't mind paying extra to get things going right off the bat, you can use Fuckbook's Premium features like unlimited messaging and video content. We recommend checking out Fuckbook if you're looking for adult dating. This site worked for us, and if you're looking for casual sex on the go, you're in luck.

Lots Of Active Users

Fuckbook has a pretty large active user base, and this is a major pro for the site. You will be able to find people to chat with in your area pretty easily with this site. Aside from sex, this site is geared towards finding matches for the things you like. We were able to easily find people interested in the things we like. The categories section was a huge help as well. You'll be able to find women looking to hook-up on the spot if that's what you're interested in.

Sex-Seeking Women

This is another major pro for this site. The people on Fuckbook seem to be on the same page as you when it comes to casual fucking. You won't find many fake profiles on this site. You can be as honest as you want to be with your profile and messaging.

Cons of Fuckbook

While we did enjoy this site, nothing is perfect, and we did pick a few cons.

Fake Profiles

All online websites will run into fake profiles at some point. Whether you're signing up for Fuckbook, Match, or any other dating site, you'll run into people who are just trying to scam you. They can show fake profile pictures or profiles with fake identities. At this moment, Fuckbook has not fully protected their users from fakes, so we can't be 100% sure. However, you can read the reviews of others for more information on this.

Fuckbook App

While it does have a mobile version available, the Fuck Book app still isn't fully optimized for maximum features yet. Many minor features, including registration, must be done via the Fuckbook website. Not all the features are available on the meet and fuck app which can be a real hassle.

Conclusion: Can this site find you casual sex?

If you enjoy the convenience of casual hookups, then Fuckbook can definitely get you laid. If you want to hook-up but you don't care about the personality you're meeting online, then this site is for you.

Our first impression was solid, as we enjoyed the ease of use. This is also the reason we chose them as one of the top sites we reviewed in our adult dating roundup. If you're looking to start casual sex from your phone, then this site is great. The navigation is super easy and user-friendly.

In the end, we do recommend using Fuckbook's mobile app to hook-up with casual people if you're looking for a quick sex connection. It's easy and there are a lot of options

Other Adult Dating Sites

If Fuckbook isn't working out for you, we've got a couple of other apps to recommend.

Our App: Find N Fuck

Finding a fuck friend is really simple; with Find N Fuck you can quickly jump into a casual sex relationship. This app connects you with friends who live near you that are up for casual sex. Our app has plenty of single ladies and guys nearby, and you can browse through profiles to find someone you want to hook up with.

You can browse through profiles and send messages right on the app. You can also check out photos of our wild members in our member content area. If you want more fucking and less social, our site is perfect.


If you're looking for a more serious dating experience, you should try out Tinder. Tinder is a dating app that connects you with people looking for no strings attached sex tonight. If it looks like your crush or the person who matches you has something on their mind, then they can message you for a quick hook-up.

Tinder is also a great place to meet someone on the go. They added this feature recently, which is great for people who are always on the road.